Advice For Parents Of Children With A Wide Age Gap

I was shocked at what went on while there and couldn’t imagine what went on when I was not. Teachers yelled at young children, and many of the centers were dark and dreary. The one center I loved was a private one, but I could not afford it. I became slightly depressed about my search and more concerned for my child. Shortly after, I decided to open a family child care center and called it, the Fun Factory Daycare Center, where children learned through play, and that is when my early childhood career was born. ” the gorgeous fifteen-year-old, brown-eyed girl mumbled as she peered at me through the computer screen.

When your teen does speak to you, make sure you listen to them. If you dismiss them, only give them half an ear while you are doing something else, or ignore them, they’ll think you don’t want to hear what they’ve got to say. If you encourage them to speak to you openly, make sure that you give them your full attention when they do speak.

When you become a parent, you know that it is your job to take care of your child throughout their life stages. There’s a lot of pressure to raise your kids ‘right’, whether you’re helping them grow in their first year or getting them through the harder teen years. Many couples have kids close in age, but some parents are raising kids who have a wide age gap. As an early childhood specialist, I know the importance of quality childcare, licensed centers, and how accredited childcare centers level-up basic care. This research has essential points to look for at your child’s center.

Successful Black Parenting covers breaking news, and topics with new research, statistics, and demographics pertinent to the Black family. As an educator, I interact with thousands of children of color and depression, and loneliness, are pains that kids in even the most affluent and conscious homes deal with. It’s not a certain type of child that considers suicide. So, the best way to help your child is to expect that it may be your child, let go of the “tough, ” and focus more on the soft — love that is. But, as the old saying goes, “you make the child, not their mind”. While your influence and the outside world’s are significant, it is ultimately up to your child to decide how to navigate and bridge the gap between the multiple cultures that are part of their life.

You might spend some time shopping for a great smart mattress with the older one and getting a new bike for the younger one. As long as they have your undivided attention, it doesn’t really matter. Formerly, the School Age Child Care Coordinator for the Philadelphia area with the non-profit organization, Parents Union for Public Schools, she developed SACC programs throughout the city. She headed a $2m YMCA where she served as the Executive Branch Director in charge of operations for a new facility, including the NAEYC accredited child care program and summer camp.

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