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A product comparison is pitting two products against each other. Here’s an example of an awesome education-based blog. What seems natural to you might actually feel like a hard sell to your audience. But the moment you step inside, a brightly grinning salesperson in a garish colored shirt walks up to you. There are tricks, techniques, and hacks that make your writing work every time. You invite them over for drinks on a Saturday afternoon.

You can also submit your article in Google Docs – but remember to give write permission to the same email ID. Education is a top preference for a better society. There are numerous relevant topics and ideas that you can blog about. If you believe you are an expert in educational writing, then take the opportunity to be part of our growing blog. We are always searching for high-quality content writers about anything related to education that may help students and our readers to get ideas and knowledge. Thanks for showing your interest to write an article for the Write For Us Affiliate Marketing category.

Further, send us an author bio having up to 250 characters. Along with this send us your image or with a size of 200px X 200px. We have the right to reject your article if you do not follow the above guidelines.

The image should be free from copyright infringement. The article should be SEO optimized, but don’t do keyword stuffing. The article content length should be a minimum of 800 words. And keep in mind that you get exposure, so we like it when you give us the best prices when aiming to get paid for your content. We will review your Post and inform you through email. Where you ask an industry expert (or up-and-comer) a series of questions around a single topic.

Nichehacks owns the content rights and can or remove the content or repurpose it in any way. Your article or blog post should have information, meta title, and description. If you have a passion to create striking content, then go ahead with it. You can send a few topic ideas before submitting an article to us directly. We reject the articles that are copied from other sites or have been posted on some other sites. The content you submit to us must be unique, original, and away from the breach of copyright infringement or intellectual property.

In addition to reviewing individual products, people also love comparison reviews. Personally, these are my favorite, because those who are interested in reading a comparison review are usually ready to buy, but aren’t sure which one. Starting my website wasn’t just about helping the industry, it was also to earn a little extra money, eventually making passive income so as to support my writing habit. During this stage of the process, we reserve the right to edit content for clarity and readability. Also, we can add or remove both internal and external links to add value for our visitors. While this form of marketing can be extremely lucrative for some, for others it may hijack the brand you’ve worked so hard to build.

To get your article published quickly on our website, remember to follow these styling guides in your article. Please review the following step-by-step guide before sending us your topic ideas. If we don’t respond to you within 4-5 days, we have not accepted your guest post.

Remember that growth will likely be slow and steady whether you increase your income through book sales or other income streams. That said, what you earn is entirely based on commission. You can’t rely on a steady income, and how you market products, who makes up your audience, and even the trends in the economy can influence the amount of commissions you receive. Please carefully review the points below to make sure you meet the guideline requirements.

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