Best Music Blogs to Submit Your Music

Music blogs come and go, and many times I found myself trying to email blogs that didn’t exist anymore. Creating a list of the music blogs you want to contact is the first crucial step you must take if you’re going to get your music heard. If you’re passionate about the music you make, I’m sure you can think of two or three blogs you like and regularly check out for inspiration. SPILL NEWS strives to keep our readers up to date with news and events in the music industry.

I learned the hard way that, no matter how good your music is, if your marketing strategy is flawed, people won’t know it exists. The blog’s been around since 2006, when then-PopMatters-writer Mike Mineo decided to strike out on his own to cover emerging music. Bookmark this post and use it when you’re ready to submit your music. Tonspion will share your music as a blog post or on a playlist. And they typically share pretty quickly after approval. Despite the insinuation of their name, they specifically don’t want mainstream pop.

There is also a section dedicated to interviews exploring artist’s creative processes in more detail. Santa Rosa records is a Texas-based indie label, publishing company, recording studio, and curator of obscure music from around the globe and across all genres. They have a wide collection of bloggers with different tastes.

That’s why people are so fascinated by creating blogs, websites about music, and everything music-related. These legends also wrote a detailed guide to pitching music to blogs which you can read here. We’d be looking for passionate DJs that, at the very least, have played out in a professional capacity at a number of different venues. In addition to your experience as a working DJ , you could also be a music producer, a musician, a writer/journalist, or a mixture of all of the above. Although we don’t currently have any advertised roles, we’re always open to hearing from talented writers and other media professionals.

Be sure to sign up to our mailing list below to get the latest posts, and updates on tools sent through to your inbox for free. Metal Sucks is another heavy metal themed news site, slightly smaller than Metal Injection. The site has album reviews, interviews, a podcast, and contests. Unsurprisingly is another site that takes on everything to do with Electronic Dance Music, from news, features, interviews, trending charts, and more. also puts together playlists for whatever mood you happen to be in. Hype Machine isn’t technically a blog, but more of a blog aggregator.

Sidekick Music is a music blog and electronic music dedicated record label with a penchant for Indie & Nu Disco. Their curation team is always looking for new music to add to their blog and Spotify Playlists. If you have a track, a new release or an EP that’s perfect for them, you can pitch your release directly in the submission form on the Playlists page. Xlr8ris a website that provides reviews about electronic dance music . It mainly focuses on electronic instruments and live performances. If you want to contribute to this blog, you need to send your writing samples to the editor.

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