Career Path Of A Computer Programmer


With numerous advancements in technology and the rise of the digital age, computer programming has become one of the most in-demand professions. This is because computer engineers and programmers bring about innovations in modern technology. In addition, many of the devices we interact with are automated. Since these devices are expected to accomplish many tasks usually done by human resources, programming and coding are used extensively to ensure they do not fail or malfunction. 

Getting a career in programming is a great choice, especially if you are heavily interested in coding, technology, and computers. There are many ways to become one, which would be beneficial to you and your situation since you would not adjust that much. To be successful in programming, you must network and find contacts. A great resume would also help, considering it showcases your education, experience, and skill; you could simply use traditional resume templates. Read more below to know the specifics and tips for pursuing a career as a computer programmer.

What are programmers, and what do they do?

In simple terms, a computer programmer programs various systems and devices with particular programming languages. They essentially write codes or series of texts to create and initiate a command. With enough commands, you can create a system or program to accomplish whatever task you desire. These programmers work in different fields to fulfill varying purposes. 

  • IT – Traditionally, computer programmers work within the information technology industry. They help innovate common gadgets and programs that are used in everyday life.
  • Healthcare – Programmers help the medical industry by providing systems that can store and manage hospital data and assist healthcare workers. Moreover, they spearhead the innovation in medical applications and technologies.
  • Finance – Surprisingly, programming is a vital component in banking. It is responsible for storing, processing, and managing financial data. In addition, programmers help create trading and lending systems and ensure the safety and security of the data involved.

Ways to learn to program

1. Traditional College Degree

Going to college or university to learn and become a programmer is the most common method amongst students and young adults. With learnings from traditional college institutions, you can find the most efficient ways and best steps in coding. Many employers hire programmers with bachelor’s degrees in computer programming, computer science, and other related programs. Furthermore, they also prefer those who are adept in different programming languages. To work in other fields, you can make minor classes related to the field you desire so that you would be familiar with its ins and outs. In hindsight, a college education might seem costly and inefficient. But, this is nullified by the potential salary you might receive when working in a highly regarded position because of your degree and experience.

2. Self Teaching

There are a plethora of free online courses and resources that could help you learn to program. Though self-teaching is cost-efficient, this method can be gruesome and tiring since you would be the one teaching yourself. Ensure that you are passionate and willing to learn on your own. Utilize the hundreds of videos on various sites that teach you multiple coding languages and techniques. You can also try to reach out to other programmers through forums and group pages. They can share their own experiences and advice. Moreover, you could build your network.

Job Experience Tips

  • Internships – If you are pursuing a degree in college, you will experience an internship since it is necessary. However, you can apply for internships by submitting your resume showcasing your appropriate and relevant skills and education.  Being an intern is the most common way to gain real-world experience and contacts. You could meet people that could potentially help you acquire a position in the future. 
  • Freelance – Many businesses and organizations hire freelancers to work for them on a particular project. Ensure that you are proficient in many programming services; this can help you accept a wide range of clients. 


To sum it up, computer programmers are one of the most in-demand professionals right now. This is due to the continuous growth and innovation of technology. These programmers work in varying fields to assist in whatever programming service is needed. You can become a skillful programmer by pursuing a college degree or teaching yourself through free online courses and resources. Gaining first-hand experience and having a significant network would help you achieve a prominent position as a programmer. Computer programmers are paving the way to make our lives much easier through technology.

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