Guest Blogging Guidelines for Vidooly Write For Us

You must have a featured picture for the blog. Try to include six to seven images in the post. You can include screenshots, images, graphics, and please center it / 500 px wide. If you are passionate about writing and want to voice your stories, ideas, and opinions with the audience, then Aim too Success welcomes you. You can start working on your guest post once the brief has been approved. Anything that’s too promotional for your company and organization and doesn’t add value for our readers.

By submitting your article here or to Webklipper Technologies Pvt. Hereinafter, we shall be the sole owners of the article and all rights related to the same. Ideally, we’d love for your article to reflect the writing style and tone of our blog. Any topic or closely related theme that’s already been covered and published on our blog. We’d advise you to do a complete search of our blog before you pitch. The decision to write for us can become a process of growth alongside genuine video marketing experts.

Voquent stands for quality and market-leading ideas – if your article can be knocked out in an hour, it’s probably not right for our audience. If a picture represents a thousand words, how much more will be for video? That’s the backbone of video marketing, a forward-thinking marketing strategy that incorporates compelling video into your campaigns.

This will make them more willing to wait through a section that they mind not find engaging. If your video will transition from a person speaking in front of a camera to a close-up shot of your product or a demonstration, write these cues into your script. To make short videos, you need a short script.

You have more viewers during the first 10% of your video than at any other time. So, your top goal when writing a video script is to hook viewers at the beginning so that they keep watching until the end. This is a basic video script structure, but there are many ways you can go as you outline your story.

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