How to Choose Flowers According to the Birthday Month

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Flowers are precious, and so is the Birthday of your loved ones. Birthday is the day when you shower your love, good wishes, and gifts to the Birthday girl/boy. But choosing a fresh and blooming bouquet to compliment the birthday gift is daunting. Because flowers hold not only mesmerizing aromas but also deep meaning. And choosing the right bunch of fresh blooms for the suitable birthday month is classic art. 

  If you are ponding on which floral arrangement to choose, then here we assist you in choosing the right flowers according to the birthday month. So, make your loved ones’ Birthday memorable with a splendid bunch of flowers that match their birthday month flowers.

Let’s have a look at the months and their belonging flowers with their hidden meanings

  1. January
  • Flower belongs to this Month: Carnations
  • This flower represents: Deep love and admiration

The colourful petals of carnations make this flower eye-pleasing, which goes well with the January-born people and makes their birthday month happening. These are winter flowers, making them best to gift to your January-born loved ones.

  1. February
  • Flower belongs to this Month: Violets flowers
  • This flower represents: Love and trust

February is meant to be a month of love, and so lovely are these flowers. These astonishing

bunch of purple-hued blooms will perfectly convey your love and trust to your February born loved ones.

  1. March
  • Flower belongs to this Month: Daffodils flowers
  • This flower represents: Newness and a new beginning

  Daffodil flowers bloom in March as they symbolize the beginning of the spring season. So, a beautiful flower arrangement of daffodils in a wooden basket or bouquet will be best to give to your loved ones born in March.

  1. April
  • Flower belongs to this Month: Daisy
  • This flower represents: Pure love and innocence

          If your April-born loved one is innocent and pure from the heart, what else can be a perfect gift than an elegant bunch of daisies? Gifting daisies will be a perfect way to appreciate the innocence and purity of your March-born loved one.

  1. May
  • Flower belongs to this Month: Lily
  • This flower represents: Love and sweetness

Lilies are also known as “Mother’s day flowers’ because they are the first choice to gift on Mother’s day. They represent motherly love, sweetness, and gratitude. You can choose a Lily floral arrangement for your May-born elderly recipients.

  1. June
  • Flower belongs to this Month: Rose
  • This flower represents: Love and romance

When in doubt, choose roses!! Roses go well on all occasions, but they are a must-gift for June’s birth. If your romantic partner is a June born, a well-crafted bouquet of red roses is all you need to make their birthday month unique and memorable.

  1. July
  • Flower belongs to this Month: Water lily
  • This flower represents: Celebration and happiness

Water Lilies symbolize celebration and joy, and so are the July born. They love parties, grand celebrations, and unique gifts!! So, Grab the alluring Water lily bouquet and pass your Birthday wish to your July-born recipient.

  1. August
  • Flower belongs to this Month: Gladiolus
  • This flower represents: Strength and character

The pretty Gladiolus flowers come in pink, red, white, yellow, and more hues. These aromatic flowers represent strength, good character, and integrity.

  1. September
  • Flower belongs to this Month: Aster
  • This flower represents: Elegance and affection

An elegant arrangement of Aster packed in a basket is enough to make September’s born jump with joy on their Birthday. These will represent affection, attachment, and love for the recipient born in September.

  1. October
  • Flower belongs to this Month: Marigold
  • This flower represents: Creativity and passion

Being the official flower of October, Marigold perfectly matches the vibes of October-born folks. These flowers represent creativity and compassion. If there is October born in your friends or family, then grab a vibrant marigold floral arrangement and make them feel special. You can get these precious flowers by online flower delivery in Mumbai.

  1. November
  • Flower belongs to this Month: Chrysanthemum
  • This flower represents: honesty and love

If you want to express your loyalty to your love partner, then a captivating bouquet of Chrysanthemum flowers is all you need.

  1. December
  • Flower belongs to this Month: Narcissus
  • This flower represents: Warm wishes and wealth

By gifting an enchanting bouquet of blooming Narcissus lets, you pass your warm wishes to the December-born receiver.

Gifting flowers to your loved ones according to their Birthday is a brilliant idea. It shows how important and unique they are to you. We have done our work, and now it’s your turn to use this list to pass your Birthday wishes with birthday month flowers. So, make your order through online flower delivery in Mumbai and get your floral blooms delivered with no hassle.

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