How to get published on the Huffington Post

In this post, we’ll discuss how to pitch Huffington Post and boost your chances of getting published on their world-famous platform. This sounds awesome I have to think of a blog post to submit! Initially, I didn’t think I’d be published either so I never really tried. But one fine afternoon when I was feeling quite reckless, I just thought ‘Why the hell not?!

I was so nervous when I hit send but boy was it worth it! 5 mins after that I got another mail from one of her editors. 4 mins after that my login information! My newest problem now is deciding which post to publish first. Articles should be between 500 and 1000 words and can be about pretty much any topic as long as it’s not offensive – keep it clean and positive. The cool thing is too that the Huffington Post covers so many different topics so you can write about almost anything you like.

Whether you’re happy or sad about the end of free HuffPo content, it’s important to understand what this change signifies in the marketplace. There are plenty of ways writers can benefit from these changing tides. Whether you are submitting the submission form or emailing to a person, what you write matters a lot.

For first-person, introspective stories about your own experience, email the Personals section at or . Is your guide to taking care of your mind and body so you can take on the world, both during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. Our service journalism covers mental health, self-care, personal health and medical conditions, body image, human behavior and personality traits, fitness at every level and more. Of wellness culture by approaching each piece with actionable, relatable advice, a compassionate outlook and science-backed facts. We’re looking for a diverse range of voices to write stories for an audience that is paying more attention to their health than ever before. But I would argue The Huffington Post had a deleterious impact on the new media landscape, our media diet, and the public’s attitude towards journalism and news generally.

If you don’t know someone who meets those requirements, message me and I’ll share the name of mine. For a small fee you can put your best foot forward to the editors. Once you’re in they will probably use your work often. Demonstrate to them that you won’t be a high maintenance author who needs major grammatical overhauls before each publication. Writing samples speak volumes and provide editors with a frame of reference for your body of work.

Separately the 26,000 member Newspaper Guild, a labor union affiliated with the Communications Workers of America that represents journalists, called for a strike against Huffington Post. New York writer Chris Rovzar pointed out the hypocrisy of Arianna Huffington’s left-wing criticism of pro-business labor and employment policies while at the same time making millions off of free labor. HuffPost has both staff writers, and other individuals they have invited to write for them, from politicians and celebrities to academics and policy experts, who contribute on a wide range of topics. The term blog is used for columns written by both staff and invited columnists. Current statusActiveHuffPost is an American news website and political blog.

For anything related to food, cooking, or the food industry, email Briefly outline how the piece will start and end. If you have a draft, include it in the body of the email.

I will definitely be trying these tips. I think you should be excited that it was published even if its without permission. As someone mentioned somewhere in this comment section – that is how the universe works when we open our hearts to being generous.

We can also tell you how to contact HuffPost for other reasons, such as offering your photography work, giving them news scoops, or sending feedback on an article. An integral part of any successful digital marketing strategy, there’s a healthy appetite for keyword-rich, high-quality guest posts on the web today. In fact, roughly 77% of internet users routinely read blog posts, which means guest blogging is a win-win for all parties involved. I know a lot of bloggers + HuffPost contributors’ recommend you to be acquainted with the editors of the section you’re pitching for, but I didn’t do that.

So if that’s what’s holding you back, don’t fret too much. I’ll show you just how easy through this guide. And you don’t need to have an impressive portfolio either. But one fine day, I summoned up enough courage to press the send button, sent Arianna an email, and she replied in the affirmative.

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