La Liga can be temporarily suspended according to the new Super League Law

new Super League

According to the new report of COPE, the Spanish La Liga is faced with the opportunity of temporary suspension of the championship. 

 La Liga president Javier Tebas has already asked different first and second-division teams to meet at the Extraordinary Assembly on October 27. The possibility of a temporary suspension of the championship will be on the agenda. The following day, Spanish football season could be temporarily locked out. Many clubs complain that their opinions are not taken into account and this new law is the last straw. So tension between football clubs and the government is growing every day. 

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All this situation is related to the new law on sports that the Spanish government is set to pass. Due to this law teams are allowed to simultaneously participate in La Liga and the European Super League and it may ruin the integrity of domestic competitions. Until the law is changed, matches may be suspended.

The new law will implement a system of collective commercialization. It may become a reason to channel fixed percentages of the revenue generated by the sale of media rights toward the secondary Spanish football league, and towards other specified purposes. The aim of it is to promote the sport from grassroots up to professional level.

La Liga officials fear the passage of the law could jeopardize a deal with investment fund CVC Capital Partners, which will bring the organizations around 2 billion euros. This may cause clubs to react negatively to such changes in legislation.

Representatives of the league and 16 clubs previously met with the Minister of Sports and Culture Mikel Iseta and expressed their position to him. They convinced him that a law should not be introduced that would block the participation of Spanish clubs in the Super League, the creation of which is still possible. 

 39 of the 42 clubs in La Liga and Segunda are opposed to this law – with the exception of Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid.

The La Liga president is afraid that the largest brands will give up their participation in the domestic competition and focus on the project supported, among others, by Florentino Perez.

If the law is not changed, from October 28 matches in Spain may stop. In this case, the 12th round of La Liga and the 13th round in Segunda (second division) will not take place on the scheduled date.

Recall that the Super League project was tried to be launched in April 2021. 9 out of 12 clubs backed down.  The idea is still supported only by Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus.

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