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You must be wondering how much will you will get for doing such hard work. Digitalocean offers a decent payment package for contributors, $200 for full length articles and $100 for short tutorials and articles. The exact word length requirements will be conveyed to you once you are approved. You can also claim the payment as Hosting credits if you want to use the services that they are offering. So if you don’t have a Paypal account then you should arrange one immediately after you are approved to write for them.

Instead of using phrases like “we will learn how to,” use phrases like “you will configure” or “you will build.” This goes a long way to motivate the reader and get them excited about your topic. In addition, keep the focus on the problem the reader is solving rather than the technology. For example, if a tutorial is about building a project with React, you can focus your introduction on the project rather than explaining what React is. Answering these questions in your introduction will also help you design a clear and reader-focused tutorial, as you’ll align the content of your tutorial to the things you mention in the introduction. A good introduction lets the learner know what the rest of the article is about. Every command should have a detailed explanation, including options and flags as necessary.

Donations will be processed through Bright Funds, and authors’ donations can either go to a single tech-focused nonprofit or be evenly split between a group of nonprofits that share similar missions. Please note that the charitable contributions made by DigitalOcean through this program are not tax-deductible to the authors. Updates for existing tutorials, such as distribution changes, are typically paid out at $75 to $150, based on the number of changes and technical content. Apart from its partnership program, it also believes in providing value to their end users.

MongoDB Compass is a GUI for querying, aggregating, and analyzing MongoDB data in a visual environment. Create a MongoDB database cluster and add a database to it. Support for common languages and runtimesOut-of-the-box support for many popular runtimes, including Node.js, Python, Go, and PHP. Automatic patches and updates to ensure the execution environment is stable and secure. GitLab uses the same guide for the members of the GitLab team and its community contributors. The GitLab Documentation Style Guide is a living project with constant evolution, which prevents information silos.

There is no limit to the amount of articles that you can write. Similar to most application structures, you can set up a .env file in the blogs-backend directory of your project to contain your app’s environment variables. When you deploy your functions, the DigitalOcean Functions service automatically copies the values in the .env file and makes them available to your functions in the cloud. Many other sources reference the Microsoft style guide as a source of answers for technical writing. The DigitalOcean technical writing style guide is easy to read and very focused on system administrators and software engineers. The terminology section and linked guides for best practices and code of conduct go a long way toward guaranteeing a high level of quality in the writing.

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