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Irrelevant link adding for the sake of it is not appreciated. Adding links with appropriate anchor links is a must. DA and PA links are not rejected by us but links should be according to search engines. Write content that is unique and high-quality content that offers value to the audience while reading. You can get exposure to your brand if you love a game and write for us. The right kind of content will get you exposure and the desired feedback important for your brand.

The game industry itself is booming, but what you might not know is there’s a large and diverse writing niche for game journalism in its many incarnations and offshoots. Not only is the content well-produced, but it rings very true regarding the kind of lessons a budding narrative designer/video game writer will benefit from. An applicant who has successfully completed the edX Professional Certificate in Writing for Video Games would have a definite advantage. You need to remember again that game writers are secondary to the design and gameplay.

Have you ever dreamed of getting paid to write about video games? Plenty of publications out there are willing to pay freelancers good money for thoughtfully-crafted pieces about the latest games and the interesting people behind them. In this Professional Certificate Program, you’ll learn the tools and techniques of writing for video games in a comprehensive program designed by successful, working game writers and teachers. From story and character development to worldbuilding and interactive narrative, this Certificate will help you excel in a business that requires creative, flexible team players. Making money writing about video games and geeky stuff you love can be rewarding on its own, but there are other perks in this fun niche. Scoring free games, products, and hardware to review is easily at the top of the list for many writers.

TheReviewGeek is an inclusive company and our team includes talented writers from all backgrounds across the globe. We do, however, have a strict policy against political writing and will reject any pitches looking to politicize the site to lean on either side of the spectrum. We’re an entertainment site, not a political platform. Don’t forget to post your projects online, on Itch.io for instance, or just publicise them using platforms like Twitter.

Time to ABSOLUTELY GUSH about #FiveDates from @paulraschid, @GoodGateMedia, and @WalesInter – One of the frontrunners for my GOTY list. (Links incoming!) We get to put a spotlight on the smaller games we love, and help them reach a broader audience. Strives to create a welcoming and diverse workplace, where people of all backgrounds have a voice.

In some cases you’ll find web rates as high as $.50 cents a word, but it’s rarer. Many sites take a flat-rate approach, paying a few hundred dollars for reviews and previews of a set range and often more for bigger features. Print is still king when it comes to the nitty-gritty dollars and cents. You can make up to $1 a word penning features, previews, reviews, and other content for magazines.

We have a dedicated targeted gaming audience that can learn more from your expertise. If you are into games write for us and share your experiences. As a guest writer, you will also learn how to write for games in a better manner especially for targeted gaming audiences. When you reach 5 articles, an account is created for you which will enable you to log in and submit articles directly. Your first 5 articles will be assigned to this account. Your account will be linked to Gravatar and will pull through your avatar and ‘About Me’ information, which will be displayed on your own author page.

Has been the first to report on some major gaming-related events. Remember that time a theatre full of children accidentally watched a horror movie when they went to see Detective Pikachu? If you need to send attachments, you can send an email manually to . Articles must be written in English, make sense and be useful, interesting, informative, or funny. Please fill out the form below and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Through this interactive medium, writers and game developers are telling stories in new and exciting ways. To meet this need, studios are hiring increasing numbers of writers and narrative designers. But if you love video games and want to be part of that creative process, understand that it’s a much different journey than that of a screenwriter. Guest posts are a great way to gain additional exposure and highlight your skills as a writer. If you’re an indie game designer or developer and have any advice, stories and relevant information please get in touch. If you are a gamer that wants to share your opinion, please ensure it is well-researched, avoids profanity and provides a structured opinion.

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