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Because we receive such a high volume article pitches and submissions, we are ONLY able to respond if our editorial team is interested in the topic and author. Before submitting an article we suggest you read several articles on our web page to determine the style and direction of the magazine. And we urge you to submit an article proposal or outline. Proposals should be about 200 words or less, with one or two photos for demonstration if you think they are needed, all via email. USPS delivered proposals will be addressed, but we are seldom timely.

If you can’t explain it in 2-4 sentences, it likely won’t work as a column. Reveal a backstory professionals can learn from—an inside look at the ideas or processes behind successful firms and projects. Explain, for example, how to constructively criticize your co-workers, how to build your own brand or strategies for presenting your work to clients. Also welcome are not-too-technical how-tos, such as how to evaluate a quality font, create a compelling infographic or sell your concept with a storyboard like Pixar pro. Investigate, for example, what we love/hate about “flat” design, type design in Mexico, or the addition of business/entrepreneurship programs within art and design schools.

The Curator explores the meaning and matters of the heart and spirit reflected in cultural objects, experiences, and the arts. Once again, a variety of journalistic or online media experience/qualifications are always desirable although by no means essential. A variety of journalistic or online media experience/qualifications are definitely desirable although by no means essential. Please read the following guidelines before submission, and if you have any questions, email us We want writers from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines who understands intersectionality and how it affects populations.

Proofreading needs to be done by the writers before they submit their content to our publishing team. Once the articles are submitted, editors will examine them before posting them online. The authors Must be able to write exciting and educational guest blogs.

So, the impression rates per article will be comparatively higher. Is that, as the years have rolled by, each set of people has started to re-design the culture independently. But we have the responsibility to show our ancestors’ real cultures. If photos are part of the submission that should be noted in the email, i.e. 4 photos to follow.

Guest post writers should avoid using passive voice sentences in more than 10% of their articles. Do you write articles on different cultures and want to share them with various sections of readers? It’s always hard to define culture as it encompasses a vast number of possibilities under it. Culture is also an evolving topic that changes with time as people adapt to various lifestyles and practices. Your work must be written by you and must be original. And it cannot promote your own brand or company and/or links to your own website.

Once it’s ready, it’ll be published at the soonest appropriate opportunity. Because we receive so many editorial submissions, can’t respond to all inquiries. However, if we accept a pitch, we will respond as quickly as possible. We encourage our contributors to promote their articles via social media. The TalentCulture team will also promote your article and make it shine! All promotions must cite TalentCulture as its original source and provide a link to the post atTalentCulture.com.

We like irreverent, yes, but it must be thought-provoking. We want to attract readers who are smart, switched on, and sophisticated. So, we want writers who grab readers from the first word and leave them changed after the last. These are the expected benefits writers will quickly gain after guest posting.

We do not accept any content that has plenty of fillers. Now continue this article, and you might get varieties of information in detail. A Grammarly screenshot and readability score must be acceptable. Provide some anonymous information that helps customers to create more interest in culture.

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