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Keep your paragraphs short and emphasize the important bits. Include images, screenshots, and visuals to break up the text and to provide context/color for reader. Make sure you tie these back to one of the main topics above, where possible, keeping in mind our audience of website and online business buyers, sellers, and investors. Your content should be 100% original and not plagiarized if you want to publish your content.

We want your personal stories and lessons that you have learned first-hand. You’re an entrepreneur — share what you are seeing and experiencing with our community. It makes for more engaging and, ultimately, more helpful content. Each month, millions of readers visit our site in search of solutions, new ideas and inspiration. Sharing your thoughts, experiences and hard-earned problem-solving techniques is a great way to help others, make connections and strengthen your personal brand and stature as a business leader. In order to do this, you can read through the rules above.

We are looking for authors who are willing to write about these opportunities and share the secrets behind forming a startup with our readers. We have many clients and they love our blog posts because they are informative and engaging. Our blog posts are written as a collaboration of ideas between the writers & the subject experts. The content is written in a clear, concise manner that draws you in and makes you want to learn more.

Entrepreneurs HQ is all about providing quality, actionable content for novice-stage startups and entrepreneurs, and anything within that ecosystem. You can check out our highest performing posts with tools like Buzzsumo if you need some inspiration on what to write for us. All articles are to be written bearing in mind that Entrepreneurs HQ has a global audience. Sugermint is India’s fastest-growing digital marketing platform for Indian entrepreneurs.

It is a difficult process that requires many skills, including creativity, resourcefulness, and perseverance. It’s not just about the business idea, but also about how you plan and run your business. Make sure that your articles contain proper heading and subheadings, such as H1, H2, and H3. These headings will help divide the article into sections. Please write in grammatically correct English, formatted in American English.

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