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Even once the agreement has been signed there is no guarantee that your work will be published and that you will be paid for it. We reserve the right to edit and amend the content of the article, this includes a full review of all links and references. We share real-world skills that can be used by our readers to improve all aspects of their lives.

While finding quality paying work is difficult, it isn’t impossible. In fact, there are lots of publications that will pay you a premium to write for them. Hi, If you will submit your site to our mentioned backlinks… See this post on “Guest Post Pitches That Got the Gig”, and this one on what not to do! And make sure to check out our tips for effective freelancer invoicing so you get paid for your work. This is another site where you’ll need to negotiate pay before you write your article.

You can also list the college or university where you are working or studying. They accept articles ranging from 1,000-2,000 words. Once accepted they will pay $200 after the publication of the articles. Points 1 and 2 are essential; 3 and 4 are helpful, but may not be relevant to every pitch.

Culinary vacations are growing in popularity. Movements such as Slow Food® highlight how food provides a connection to the land from which it is produced. Details of culinary travels and off-the-beaten-track discoveries of local food are welcome. Since wines are being cultivated in more and more regions of the world, wine tours — whether in small groups or solo — have long been one of the most relaxing ways to travel.

Please do NOT submit to us previously published travel writing and material; we are looking for first-time rights for original articles and will conduct a web search to verify originality. We welcome informative articles on how local communities abroad organize and profit from ecotourism, plus first-hand experiences with responsible ecotourism operators. This section focuses on interaction with local people and cultures and the avoidance of superficial tourist routines.

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