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You can purchase these items for only a few dollars apiece, then sell them for a considerable markup. As your blog becomes more popular, you can choose whether you want to sell more expensive products – like writing your own book. The first is that some feel they detract from the user experience on your blog.

Relationships can be tough if you and your partner have lost a child. Providing advice on maintaining love in a relationship after losing a child might help others struggling with the same situation. Disagreements and arguments are a normal part of love, but that does not mean it is easy to deal with them. Give examples how couples can handle disagreements and arguments when they happen in their relationship. Let your readers know that they are normal, other couples have fights too, it’s a normal part of love. Or does it take time for people who are already good friends to become intimate?

Once the article is submitted to our system it will remain attached to your user account to give you writing credit but the content will be considered the property of Dating Sites Reviews . The formatting and look and feel of the articles must be similar to others on our site. If need be, we will edit approved articles for content and formatting before posting.

However, sometimes they can be awkward and uncomfortable too. Many people do not know what to talk about with their date and end up sitting in awkward silence. Give your readers ideas for conversation starters to avoid awkward silences. Please e-mail with a paragraph explaining what you want to write, your personal connection to the topic, what the structure will be, and why you think it’s a good fit for our audience.

We are more than eager to know the factors that influence your outlook on romance. Your guest posts on relationship can be the most useful resource to people who are aspiring to build happy relationship with their partners. Product sales through a relationship blog may seem difficult, but you can start small and adapt as your audience grows. Many relationship bloggers sell relatively inexpensive items to begin with, such as branded stationery, journals, and other similar items.

We have all emerged stronger in our relationships with the right piece of advice. We are open to receiving guest post contributions with a relevant take away from relationship experts, therapists, coaches, and counselors. As a relationships blogger, you can come up with numerous digital products to offer your audience based on your niche.

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