Our #1 goal is to keep our domain spam-free, so we have low outbound links coming from our blog, making a link to your website more powerful. Include facts, research, sourcesor personal anecdotes to substantiate your insights, information and arguments . Our tone ispositive, energetic and confident, with an emphasis on solutions. We suggest you have a look at the content we publish to get a firm sense of the Goalcast voice. Psychology – Our thoughts control our behavior which creates our reality. By understanding how we think, we can generate the positive thoughts required for success.

If you’re ready to become an author for The STRIVE, you can submit your article or topic suggestions to prefer you submit your article in a word document and attach it to your pitch email. Be sure to include your first and last name, along with a short bio at the bottom with one link of your own. Motivation, inspiration, self help, self improvement, personal growth, success, spiritualism, mental health, happiness and enlightenment is focus area at InVaJy.com. This website isall about the truths of life we encounter in various stages of human life.

However, most websites ask for follow-up in a week or two. In case they reject your pitch, work on it and send it again unless stated otherwise. Linoded also needs writers to create tutorials and guides regarding Linux use and the cloud.

You can earn $20-$25 for a moderately detailed news report. To reach them you will have to fill up their submission form. Our goal is to motivate, inspire, and educate our readers about how to achieve their personal and professional goals. Self-improvement and spiritual articles are what we’re looking for.

Instead, submit only the idea about your creativity. To submit your story you’ve to contact the editor via email, which you can find on the website. To submit your writing you’ve to contact the editor of the section you want to pitch. We, or authorized third parties, reserve the right to refuse to publish, cut, crop or edit your content at our or their sole discretion. We may remove your content from use at any time.

You’ll be the shining light for others and in return you get exposure with half a million fans on Facebook and other popular platforms. You’ll also get links to your blog/website. And at the heart of every one of us to some degree or another.

There is no problem if you are not an SEO expert but a talented writer. If you have a topic that you enjoy writing about and would like to share with our readers, please send it along. If you are accepted to guest post on our blog, you also accept that any and all content published on our blog must be 100% unique. We will check that your article is plagiarism-free and 100% original. Changes may be made to the title, text or any images provided. Articles can range from personal development, spirituality, health, psychology, career tips and lifestyle.

HEADLINE – This needs to grab the attention of readers. As a rule, list posts often have the greatest pull on your readers. 19 Headline Writing Tips for More Clickable, Shareable Blog Posts. If you’re also a personal growth writer and want a perfect place for your article, the following information might help you. Photo by Ella Jardim on UnsplashMany people write about self-improvement but don’t get enough reach to their articles. Also, there’re people who indeed require those guidelines but can’t get them.

Whatever you believe about self-help, there’s money to be made here. Preferably, it’s made by people with a genuine interest in helping others become their best selves, but where money is involved, there’ll always be ulterior motives. We encourage the use of lists, quotations and ‘information boxes’ to make the finished page more visually appealing. Please separately title the featured image, asFor Featured Image. The piece you’ll produce should contain at least 1500 words. Once we have received this information, we will be in touch to arrange a Zoom call at a convenient time to agree next steps.

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