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Want to write a guest blog post for the Health2wellness Blog? Please read the guidelines thoroughly before submitting your idea. You can also come up with a short author bio that boasts about your achievements as a writer/ guest blogger and we will be glad to put it before our readers.

Your article will be reviewed within a week after its submission and then it will be sent back to you with a request to make the necessary adjustments. Sometimes, an article needs a considerable amount of editing, which could cause some delays in the processing period. While at it, also ensure that sentences remain short and sweet while paragraphs remain brief enough to prevent a reader from losing interest midway through any given piece.

Our blog accepts posts from anyone as long as the posts are related to Health. There are many advantages to having your content on Mom News Daily. This site is extremely popular, especially among mothers, and it enjoys thousands of unique visitors. Please complete and submit the form below if you are interested in writing for Mom News Daily as a guest writer.

We give them a chance to highlight their stories and content assets by publishing them with us, together educate and bring awareness about the diseases for people worldwide. If you love writing for these topics or want to share your story with others or want to promote yourself as an author or blogger, you’re at the right place. Just like other guest bloggers and website owners, we have also invested both time and money in building our website and we wish to grow it even more. Therefore, it is very important for us that you follow our guidelines. We strive to make the publication process as smooth as possible.

We are not about news and views, but informative articles and thoughts to apply in your business. Yourcontent must engage our readers, and that’s why it should be meaningful and informative. It should be completely plagiarism free, should not be spun, must be well-structured and should be written with subheadings for easy understanding.

The linked post/page should be related to the linked keyword in the blog. Also, we have the right to modify the link, if it is not related to the article. To send an article idea, please email us at , with the subject line reading “Guest posting for Health2Wellness Blog” and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

The most successful posts have a light and breezy tone, but make their points quickly. While SmartBrief editors are happy to help you refine an idea, your pitch is more likely to be successful if it is specific and tailored to our audience of experienced professionals. There are a few guidelines write for us health, however, which we have discussed below. The write-ups should have small and easy-to-read paragraphs. All of them should be properly titled and have subheadings so that readers know where to find what. The length of an article should not be less than 500 words and should not exceed 1000 words.

Since we aim to provide information backed by facts and figures you can include links to high-authority websites that can back up your claim. We allow a minimum of 3 pictures that you can use in your article to further make the article worth reading and appealing to the readers. However, you have to ensure that the pictures used are copyright free, must have high resolution, and should pertain to the topic of the article. Once the article is published we will email an update to you, indicating the Article is LIVE on our website. And there you go, its fairly simple and we look forward to you sharing your experiences with our community of readers. SmartBrief retains exclusivity of the post for 24 hours after it runs.

For more information about becoming a guest blogger, fill out the form below. However, we do accept only posts in accordance with our Policy. We strive to publish the best articles on the web, and we only consider submissions that meet our high standards. Most of the posts we publish include topics related to parenting, but we also like to write topics related to Baby Care, Baby Products, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and lots more in that niche.

Getting your expert knowledge out there with Mom News Daily is a great way to grow your audience. By writing for Mom News Daily, your story will get in front of more people. We will be helping parents accomplish their parenting goals with your story. A leading online magazine for parents, Mom News Daily provides current, reliable advice on baby care, pregnancy and parenting. We accept blog posts from bloggers of all backgrounds and experiences so long as the post’s topics are related to Health and Fitness. The site is highly regarded among moms, and it receives high traffic.

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